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plakat_ekvalibrium_001A press conference was hosted recently to publicize the campaign in local kindergartens. Participants provided a highly positive appraisal of the venture.

We were especially happy to invite the directors of the Rusalka and Pinocchio kindergartens to take part in the press conference as these were the facilities where we piloted the initiative. They reported significant and unexpected changes in the attitudes of parents and teachers and this transformation was corroborated by other guests and working partners who commented on the training provided by teams from the Ruse complex of a period of three months.

“The campaign dealt with the themes of violence and aggression among children in a positive and enlightened way and showed the contribution of the things we do as adults – as parents and educators.”

The methods that EQ demonstrated for working with both children and parents will be applied by teachers in kindergartens in the future.

Those parents that we worked with in the two kindergartens have been energized by the eye-opening experience. Both teachers and parents are keen for the work to expand to take in other kindergartens in the city because there is a great deal of curiosity about the campaign and the subject matter.

The campaign is supported by the municipal education authority and education inspectorate and representatives of both authorities participated in the press conference. It was reported that the  campaign has promoted an improvement in interaction and dialogue between teachers and parents and impacted positively on the level of complaints filed. The workshop designed for children  – “Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf as Friends” – has been greeted with huge enthusiasm by the children and parents alike.

The team from the Ruse complex responded to the applause by expressing their satisfaction in the results of their work. Milena Vlahova, our operations director, announced our intention to continue the work and to eventually cover all the city’s kindergartens.

She presented the results of the campaign so far which you can see in detail in the following link: Read more