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Ruse Complex News

IMG_7093The Ruse Complex for social services received an unique donation – ‘philosophical’ jewelery made by students and teachers from the city’s School of Clothes Design and Tailoring ‘Nedka Ivan Lazarova’.

There is a tradition in the school that, every year, on 17th November – the World Day of Philosophy – students and teachers become artists and creators of ‘philosophical’ jewelery.This year the children decided to give some of their masterpieces for charity. The teenagers also wanted to help the children…


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOn 9th November 2011, the Ruse Social Services Complex hosted a round table on the subject of ‘Family oriented practices for early identification of problems in the child development and intervention. Prevention’.

The event brought together representatives from the spheres of social welfare, health and education together with NGOs to discuss the development of an innovative approach to risk prevention and the potential for strengthening parenting capacity as the foundation for optimal child development.

Our special guests were key members…


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAVampires, ghosts, bats, witches and other scary creatures burst into the complex and knocked on the doors of the Department of Child Protection with the question “Trick-or-treat?”

Halloween in the complex is always one of the most exciting events for children and adults alike. The children had been preparing themselves over the course of a week, every day adding new details to their costumes while the adult team thought up the messiest possible games involving spaghetti, flour and yucky pink…


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAVolunteers from Carlsberg – Bulgaria and Bulstrad Vienna Insurance Group generously provided a workforce and materials for cheering up the corridors of the complex using stencils and splashes of vibrant colours.

Some lent a hand by helping to make Christmas cards to help continue the tradition of internal fundraising during the festive season.

The volunteers brought gifts – t-shirts and baseball caps – and soon the children resembled football teams. It all added to the colour and holiday atmosphere.



Those among our readers who are parents will realize how difficult it is to dream up new ways for celebrating the birthdays of our children.

EQ has a similar problem having established the tradition of celebrating the ‘birthday’ of the Ruse complex. David is a fan of both Winnie.

We aim to hold such meetings annually to create and maintain a community of candidates for adoptive parents, those who have already adopted and their children throughout of Ruse district.

The participants in this year’s event shared their difficulties, anxieties, and the progress in the legislation facilitating adoption but also how difficult it is to overcome public prejudices and how different the attitudes towards them in the different institutions for children are.

The participants came up with suggestions for further…


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOn 9 September 2011 the Complex of Social Services marked the end of the summer programme with a fabulous party for the children.

Over 40 children played, studied and had good fun in the 10 clubs organised during the summer. They gained new experiences, tried new roles and discovered for themselves new worlds and opportunities.

Meticulously planned and animated with inspiration, the summer activities achieved their target – a purposeful, harmonious and merry summer vacation and children full of happy…


sc_11_1From 22nd until 25th August, a team from the complex augmented with two junior but very talented EQ animators – Annie and Pipi – entertained a group of 18 children in and around the spa village of Voneshta Voda.

The village nestles in the forested foothills of the mountains and is renowned for its mineral spring – the source of the curative voneshta voda or ‘stinking water’.

The days were packed with outdoor activity starting with morning exercises that were…


P1100348EQ values its personnel and we took our team to a village complex replete with swimming pool and Jacuzzi for most of Friday, 8th July, 2011 and the Saturday morning.

The village of Nisovo is renowned for its tranquil beauty and it was seen as a perfect place to get away from it all and to simply unwind in each other’s company.

Once the team had made the best of Friday afternoon’s intense sunshine and enjoyed a glorious dinner, David…


SNIMKA_S_COP_PAVLIKENIOn 30rd June 2011, the Ruse Complex for Social Services was visited by a team from the Pavlikeni Complex to exchange experience.

Mr. Alexander Alexiev, the Director of the CSS in Pavlikeni, presented his colleagues and their work in :

  • Day Centre for Disabled Children
  • Family Type Centre (FTC)
  • Centre for Social Support
  • Home for Mentally Retarded Children
  • Home for Elderly People

Our guests were shown around the Complex and made aware of all the activities carried out by the…