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Ruse Complex News

tomi-5Equilibrium provides 20 children from Ruse with hippotherapy with the support of “Help for Charity in Bulgaria” Foundation and thanks to TBI’s campaign “Sport for a better life for children”.

The activities started in September and will be conducted within three months. contact with the horses and the therapeutic riding. The first sessions – group and individual – started after the signing of the contract with the Horse Club in Ruse.

Disabled children from the Pink house, children from the…


1-1Equilibrium and the complex were hosts of corporate volunteers from the insurance company “Bulstrad”.

With the help of BCause Foundation, employees from the company support the activities of the complex for the second time. The amount granted was for artistic materials that will be used for the creation of Christmas cards and other items for the EQ Christmas Charitable Bazaar. The volunteers from “Bulstrad“ took part in the creation process together with the children, with whom EQ works and they…


dsc09806For the eleventh year in a row the complex for social services became the host of a creepy assemblage of demons, ghosts, vampires, werewolves and other creatures spreading out fear, panic and terror.

The witch, who had the leading role at the event, welcomed her “bloodthirsty” fellows from all over the world and introduced them to the evil plan of snatching the “Halloween treasure” and only Anabel (a creepy doll) knew where it was hidden. Everybody agreed with the commander…


dscn1025The birthday party was colourful and joyful. The participants were children from the kindergartens “Pinocchio”, “Rusalka” and “Zora”, children from foster families, dancers from dance club “Prista” with their instructors Lazarovi family, children from CSC in the complex, the young participant Alex Nedelcheva. Special congratulations were offered by Mr. Stanimir Stanchev – deputy regional governor and Mrs. Mariela Licheva – head of “Social and health affairs” department of Ruse Municipality, who read a letter of congratulations from Mr. Plamen Stoilov…


dscn3643Specialized Hospital for Rehabilitation – Pomorie

The children and young adults from the Pink house enjoyed the seaside in the holiday resort of Pomorie. The vacation was full of positive emotions and interesting events. They enjoyed the breeze and became friends with a nice lady on the beach. She was impressed by the youngsters and the way they were looked after. On the next day the woman visited the youngsters again and brought them breakfast. They took pictures and spent…


2634This year the celebration marking the closure of the summer programme at the complex was held in a small circle, namely the kids from the CSC, their parents and the facilitators of the workshops.

The atmosphere was joyful and hearty, and smiles shone on everybody’s faces. Besides the exhibition, which consisted of real masterpieces, made by the children, the “products of labour” of the other workshops were presented – books with cheerful characters, rap songs, funny pots of flowers, special…


1-4The verticalizer was provided thanks to the campaign, organized by Hearts without Borders Foundation, with a chairman Diana Poptoneva, and Equilibrium. The verticalizer is available to all children and young adults with movement disorders – CP (cerebral palsy) and muscle weakness – who can come, accompanied by their therapist, to the rehabilitation room in the Pink house at 66 “Neofit Rilski” Str.

This has been made possible thanks to many people from Ruse, who took part in the charitable review-cocktail…


12900189_1325230510838803_675610770_nThe project focuses on Positive Parenting and prevention of aggression among or directed towards very young children. To celebrate completion of the second phase we brought together children, kindergarten staff, mums and dads in the two facilities in which we piloted the project – Pinocchio and Mermaid,

The campaign has been positively received in a further four kindergartens and feedback is highly encouraging because it reveals the extent to which parents and childcare professionals share the feeling that improvement in…


IMG_6300Life in the Pink house is wonderful, but life in nature is unequalled. From 05.07.2016 to 10.07.2016 the children and young adults from the Pink house had the opportunity to enjoy the unique unspoiled  beach in Tjulenovo, where Equilibrium’s sea base is.

The natural bay, secured by Nature itself, gave the youngsters the chance for amusement and funny business in the warm, sea water.

The children and the young adults felt on a familiar territory, because for a second…


20160626_094353For the second year in a row Equilibrium manages to provide summer camps for the kids from the small-group homes and from the complex.

This was accomplished thanks to the charity bazaars, organized by Equilibrium and supported by many people from Ruse.

10 kids, with whom the Complex works, attended a summer camp in Tjulenovo, and combined their journey there with several tourist sites, which they saw for the first time. They were thrilled. The Madara Horseman, the “Yard of…


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