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The educational, cultural and ideological values within the Nordic tradition of early years’ care and education show a pronounced “social pedagogical” emphasis as opposed to a focus on “early education”. This means that preschool care in Denmark applies a social learning approach that emphasizes play, relationships and outdoor life and presumes that learning takes place through the participation of children in social interaction and everyday processes like walking to the park, traveling in the car and sharing a meal (including…


The “Do Good for Strangers” Foundation has provided food for vulnerable families who are clients of the Centre for Social Support, one of the designated services within the Ruse complex.

They provided packaged essentials, treats for the children and, most importantly, a selection of special formula milk and diapers for babies and toddlers. Some of the milk is for children with disabilities who Equilibrium cares for.

The Equilibrium team is tremendously grateful to the foundation for all the support…


February was especially sunny for the children at the family-type homes for young adults with special needs. We celebrated two birthdays – Masha and Bobo.

On 01.02. 2020 we celebrated Masha’s 8th birthday and on February 17, 2020 – Bobo’s 8th birthday. The guests of the celebrations were, of course, the other children from the Permanent Care Center, mothers and infants from the Mother and Baby Unit and users of the Day Care Center…


The bell was heard and Santa arrived for the children in the various social services run by Equilibrium.

We share with you their emotional moments. The most joy and excitement accompanied the gift given to those who have behaved during the year. It turned out to include everybody.

We would like to express our special thanks to everyone who provided the wonderful gifts: NSC “Operation Teddy Bear”, the Danube Radiance Association, the DZI Office in Rousse, Mrs. Biliana…


Our traditional charity bazaar in the Mall of Rousse raised BGN 2500 in just three days.

The funds will be used to provide specialized support to children with disabilities who need  constant medical care, which our organization provides at the integrated services – Sunny.

We express our huge gratitude to all the participants in the bazaar for their support and the wonderful products that make the bazaar so colourful and attractive. We thank all the Russians who…


Under the project “Educational and Social Platform for Knowledge, Creativity, Growth and Development”, implemented by the Club of the Social Worker at the University of Ruse “Angel Kanchev” in partnership with the Municipality of Ruse and funded by the Foundation “Ruse – City of Freedom” today – 04.12 .2019 the final Christmas concert took place. The concert was attended by all users of social services and students in the specialty “Social sciences” of the University of Ruse.

Song, dance and…


The report of the Disability Rights International, presented on 11/21/2019, raises the important question about the quality of care at the Family-type placement centers (SGHs) and how the reform to ensure the well-being of children and families in Bulgaria is happening.

We, as organisations that are facing the challenges of the unfinished deinstitutionalization reform every day, have been insisting for years that it cannot be exhausted and limited only by building premises with the lack of…


Disabled children and young  in the care of Equilibrium in several small-grouphomes were given a special chance to communicate and make social contact.

This is made possible by the use of assistive vision control technologies – a modern, high-tech method for complementary and alternative communication, which, through eye movements and gaze guidance, can use specialized software for communication, synthesized speech, training, development of cognitive skills .

This method and technology were presented at the second international conference…


A new orchard and rose garden was created by the children of the small-group home in Byala.

Several fruit trees and beautiful rose bushes donated by local people were planted  in the yard by the teenagers from the centre in his yard under the watchful guidance of the house manager, Ivaylo Minkov.

This time next year, everything should be in bloom creating a place of peace and tranquility  next to the building that the teenagers see as home.…


Another charitable gesture of charity – new air conditioners at the small-group home in Byala from Networx – leads Equilibrium to publicly acknowledge the generosity.  

We express our sincere thanks for the confidence these friends of Equilibrium have in our work.  Victoria Marinova has been a huge influence in mobilizing a response in the community that allows us to meaningfully support dozens of children at risk.

We receive support from you during the most difficult and testing times…